Joshua Schachter, Founder of del.icio.us 

Show and Tell #348: Joshua Schachter

Joshua Schachter is the founder of del.icio.us and inventor of tagging, which became hashtags. Joshua has founded two startups, invests in startups, runs an event for autonomous racing called Self Racing Cars, and is an amateur race car driver. Follow him on Twitter @joshu.

0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Vampliers from Vampire Tools, Engineer scissors, Ko-Ken wrenches
5:48 – Wera Tool-Check Plus, Klein 8-in-1 stubby screwdriver, Titan swivel ratchet screwdriver
9:47 – WezTerm emulator
14:32 – Using a magnet sheet for working with screws (none specified), plus using lunch trays in cabinets to catch potential leaks
21:50 – Self Racing Cars


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