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Nomadico issue #34

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Percentages of Immigrants in Different Countries

Even the most well-traveled people are often surprised by lists like this showing which countries have the highest proportion of immigrants. Seven of the top ten with the highest proportion of the population are in the Middle East, but there are lots you may not expect such as New Zealand at #11 and Sweden at #16. At the low end of the scale, only 0.08% of the people in Vietnam are immigrants and it’s only 0.21% in the Philippines.

Which Countries Are Adding More Trains?

If you’re a train travel buff, check out this article on recent and coming soon new train routes you can experience around the world. We mentioned the Laos line in an earlier issue but new ones are also cropping up in Switzerland, the UK, Greece, and Africa. You might want to talk a rich uncle into springing for the last one though: the 15-day luxury trip through multiple countries is priced at $13,600.

A Great Time to Buy Travel Gear

There are several times each year that are good windows for buying travel gear and this is one of them. Unless you’re in the market for ski gear or a winter coat, everything that didn’t sell over the busy Christmas season is now on sale. The next window will be the season change in March, but right now check out sales on sites like REI, Backcountry, Moosejaw, or your own country’s equivalent.

Nomad Life Podcasts

I’ve appeared on quite a few podcasts talking about remote work and living abroad, but many of them are not very consistent about putting up new episodes. Two of the best are That Remote Life by Mitko Karshovsky and Zero to Travel by Jason Moore. I was on the former recently and recorded an encore appearance with Jason before the holidays that will go up soon. Dive into their archives of both and you’re sure to find something that sounds interesting.


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