Kaboost Booster Seat for Dining


Stays attached even when chair is moved

As our toddler transitioned from sitting in his high chair to using regular chairs, we were on the lookout for a booster seat for regular home use. Some seats were more appropriate for portable use, others felt precarious unless we strapped him in each time, many would have been a pain to clean.

I found the Kaboost and have been really happy with it. It elevates one of our dining table chairs to an ideal height for our 4-year-old to eat at the table. It helps him practice sitting in a normal chair and reduces knee-sitting. Best of all it increases the stability of the chair it’s affixed to — for us, this solution has given our son some more independence (a mixed blessing) without compromising his safety.

The thing is kinda ugly, but it is functional (the extendable arms clamp onto the four chair legs using internal pressure springs) and has two height options depending on which way you flip it. It’s worked on all the chairs we’ve put it on so far. It can also be folded up and potentially used for travel/restaurants, but in my opinion, it works better in practice as a “set it and forget it” tool.

-- Rayan Parikh 07/30/21

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