Karen Kay Buckley’s “Perfect Scissors”


Micro-serrated blade pulls the fabric into the scissors

The perfect set of sewing scissors are, to some degree, a matter of taste — and a matter of the job at hand. In my opinion, for long, straight cuts or gentle curves, nothing beats a rotary cutter (such as the Olfa, reviewed elsewhere on Cool Tools) but for small, fussy cutting, such as appliqué or quilting, a rotary cutter is not the best tool: Karen Kay Buckley’s “Perfect Scissors” are far superior for detailed fabric cutting.

The key is their micro-serrated blades, which bite tenaciously into the fabric and pull it into the cut rather than allowing it to slither away. Tiny, precise inside corner cuts are no problem with these, and silky fabrics won’t go slip-sliding away. The serrations also reduce fraying on the fabric. The VERY sharp points cut all the way to the tip, making fine details easier to cut. The scissors have comfortable grips, and come with a plastic sheath to protect you from those ultra-sharp tips (and protect the tips from damage). If you have precision fabric cutting to do, give these a try!

-- Barbara Dace 07/27/21

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