General Purpose Tools

StylusReach Flexible Flashlight

For light in tight places

My brother-in-law, who’s a tool salesman, gave me a StylusReach Flexible Flashlight for Christmas. It’s a natural white super bright LED light on a flexible, shielded cable. The LED has a rated life of 100,000 hours.

The light is extremely tough. My bro-in-law likes to whack the crap out of ’em to demonstrate how durable they are. Waterproof too. Two settings on the light: blinking and steady. There’s also a blue LED version, which is easier on the eyes.

The StylusReach is pen-sized (when the shaft is folded over and clipped to the battery tube) and 14 inches long when extended. It has a pocket clip (and you thought that Fisher Space Pen made you look like a geek!).

I use mine for all sorts of hardware hacking and around-the-house stuff (like looking under the burner on our stove to try and find out why the stovetop heated up to the point where it shattered the tempered glass stovetop inset!)

Inside computers, you can actually clip it to the side of the case to direct the light where you want it. It’s also really useful for seeing behind furniture, etc. The light lets me clearly see what I’m going for before I reach and grab.

-- Gareth Branwyn 07/26/21

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