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This is not a cool tool. This is an advertisement for my blog. I call it my Lifestream because it ...

This is not a cool tool. This is an advertisement for my blog. I call it my Lifestream because it channels into one super-blog all the streams of my writing and clicking that appear elsewhere.

In addition to Cool Tools, which is now almost 5 years old, I also review great documentaries at True Films, and user-modified technology at Street Use, and post notes from my research on what technology wants at The Technium. In recent weeks I’ve added a few more venues, one about trends and current topics (CT2), and another on self-knowledge (The Quantified Self). I also post regularly on GeekDad (nerdy things to do with kids), and on Long Now’s blog monitoring long term perspectives.

That’s a lot for me to keep track of, let alone anyone else. So I have gathered all those bloggy bits into one channel which you can find at KK*. Rather than hop around from blog to blog, you can read (and I can write) everything from one source. Everything I write, including personal stuff, will slip out this new portal. Like a lot of tool makers, I made this to ease my own work, but you may find it worthwhile too. One technical note: While KK Lifestream offers its own RSS feed, it doesn’t have an archive. The permalink for each item rests in the particular blog each item belongs to.

If you are happy just reading Cool Tools as it is, either at the site or in RSS, then you can continue to get the unadulterated version. If you sign up, or visit, the KK Lifestream, you get everything that I write, but not everything that appears on my blogs. For instance, the only Cool Tools reviews that will appear in the KK Lifestream will be those that I personally write. Since I don’t write that many (next week will be an exception), reading both Lifestream and Cool Tools won’t produce much overlap.

I’m still trying to figure out how to keep this ecology of blogs robust and kill any bugs in this new unfinished system , so let me know (kk at kk dot org) how it is, or is not, working.

— KK


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