Klutch Angle Grinder Holder

Small space hack for cutting metal

This week I’m going to show you an angle grinder holder made by Klutch. I got this for around $26 on Amazon, it’s a unique way to cut metal, and you can pick this same one up by using the Amazon link in the show notes, which helps support my videos and the Cool Tools blog.

Let me say up front that there are better tools for cutting metal stock. A bandsaw or metal cutoff saw would be my first choice. But even if I had the money for those machines, in my small workshop I simply don’t have the space.

This angle grinder holder from Klutch is a cheap hack for getting relatively square cuts from metal stock. Compared to doing it freehand, I get much better results from this.

For the $26, you have to supply your own grinder, and you have to assemble the holder. It took me about 20 minutes to get up and running, and probably another 20 to dial it in.

What’s cool about it is the design can accommodate a wide range of angle grinders. I’m using a $30 Harbor Freight grinder in here, but you can see on the Amazon reviews that people have made this work with all kinds of grinders.

The tradeoff for that flexibility is that there are so many adjustable parts, it takes some time to dial it in square. And if you ever take your grinder out of here, you’ll need to set it all back up when you use it again. Ideally, I’d just leave this grinder in here and buy another for finishing work.

If you use this, I strongly recommend protecting yourself with heavy leather gloves. I use welding gloves. I also always use this with a full face shield and hearing protection, and I get a good cross-breeze going to clear out the fumes. I’ve got links for all this same protective equipment in the video description. So be safe. And with all the sparks be sure to clear out any sawdust, keep an eye on where those sparks are going, and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

The upshot of all this is an ability to create square, flat cuts in metal using a tool the size of a lunchbox. The built-in clamp can also be adjusted for angled cuts, but I wouldn’t trust the gauge here. I’ll include a link to the digital angle ruler I use to set up square or angled cuts.

So that’s the Klutch angle grinder holder. It’s NOT a great tool, it’s not for everybody, and it takes a lot of tweaking. But if you want straight cuts on metal stock and you don’t have the space or money for the ideal tool, this and an angle grinder will get the job done.


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-- Donald Bell 08/1/18

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