Stanley Tripod Flashlight


Portable, hands-free LED lighting

I replaced my D battery Mag-Light with this small LED tripod light that only needs AAA batteries. I get whiter light, longer life, and more intensity. Tripod lights have always been great tools (I work at Amazon, so I see a lot of gear). The problem with the traditional ones is they get very hot, use lot of battery power, and burn out fast. Stanley’s tripod light – the first LED version – takes all the advantages of LED and combines it with the convenience of a fold up stand.

I have already used it for a variety of household projects since I bought it last year. The best use has been to install dimmers. Usually I’d have to do this during the day or ask my wife to hold the flashlight. With the tripod light, I can now do it by myself at any time.

-- Jason Goldberger 08/1/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2007 — editors)