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Komelon Speed Mark Tape


Easy-to-read tape

Because of improvements in tape-measure technology, even a cheap fat 25-foot tape can extend in the air without support ten feet or more, can deal with 99% of my needs, and will roll up into a pocketable 3-inch case. I don’t even bother with tapes less than 25 feet now. I like the Komelon Speed Mark ($14) because every inch is labeled with fractional graduations in 1/8″ increments (and hashes to 1/16); for instance, the tape will be marked: 13F, 5 and 5/8 inches. In bold easy to read fonts. No figuring needed. A thumbable button will slow its rewind to prevent damage during its return. This one is not expensive and well made.

-- KK 11/27/19


(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2013 — editors)