Kresto Hand Cleaner


Best cleaner for dirty, greasy hands

This is the best hand soap for getting the grease and grime off your skin.

Nitrile gloves work great, but they are expensive, not very environmentally friendly, and you lose dexterity with them. Plus, with heavy use they tend to rip, causing you to have to clean your hands where the gloves didn’t protect.

Kresto uses walnut shells for abrasive. It looks a bit like light-colored mud when you squirt a bit of it into your hand. Along with some water, and maybe a small scrubbing cloth, Kresto will clean even the deepest ground-in dirt in no time. You’ll be surprised at how much faster and better it works than the orange pumice hand cleaner you buy at the auto parts store. It’s more expensive than the cheap stuff, but you’ll use less, because it works better.

The only downside is that you have to rinse the walnut shells off the sink when you are finished with it. The manufacturer claims it is biodegradable and won’t clog pipes.

Kresto is sold mostly for industrial use, but is available on Amazon and other retailers. It comes in wall mount dispensers that use 2 liter softpacks, or in 1/2 gallon pump jugs or in tubes for occasional use.

-- E. Redifer 01/1/14