Rockabye Baby!


Soothing lullaby versions of popular rock songs

“What‽ You let your baby listen to Metallica‽” Indeed I do… albeit lullaby renditions of “Enter Sandman” and “Fade to Black.”

The Rockabye Baby series consists of instrumental lullaby versions of a wide array of tracks, featuring artists/groups including The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, JayZ, Green Day, plus many others. The covers are generally very well-done (Queen and Journey are my personal favorites) and just as calming for our little one as any of the traditional standards.

What’s particularly great is that despite much repetition, this music doesn’t grate our nerves the way a lot of sing-songy children’s music does. Plus, it’s quite entertaining to hear certain tracks — Guns-n-Roses ‘Mr. Brownstone’ comes to mind — reinterpreted as innocent-sounding melodies through the use of chimes, bells and vibraphones.

-- RS Parikh 01/2/14

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