Kwik-kut Food Chopper


Chops almost any food item

As a kid, I helped my mother cut out biscuits with this cutter. When I saw one at an estate sale a few years ago, I snagged it. It was only then that my mom let me in on a secret: this tool is useful for so much more than cutting biscuits.

She uses it instead of a pastry cutter to make pie crust and biscuit dough, plus chop strawberries, nuts, and vegetables. Sure enough, I haven’t used a pastry cutter since.

With just one circular blade, it’s much easier to clean than a pastry cutter with its multiple blades that always seem to get gummed up. The last time I made strawberry jam I used it to chop the strawberries a bit, and it worked so much better than my other options: a knife, which would have taken too long, and a food processor, which would have turned the strawberries into mush.

It’s still my go-to cutter for biscuits and is just the right size for donuts.

The cutter is made in America and will last for decades. My mom has had hers for at least 35 years, and it still works great.

-- Abbie Stillie 09/14/21

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