Latex Surgical Gloves


Longer lasting rubber gloves

I use to buy the cheap nitrite (blue) gloves. They ripped easily during my work and I went thru pairs a day. I was in a dentist’s office and he put on some surgical gloves. The gloves lasted throughout the procedure. I told him about my experience with the blue gloves and he gave me a pair of his gloves to try. They are AMAZING! They slide on easily (powder is inside) and there is a left and right hand version. I lose little if any dexterity and when necessary, wear work gloves over them. Common cleaning liquids like vinegar, citric acid, motor oil etc do not faze these gloves. They are latex and therefore, not for everyone, but today, I did 4+ hours of work on the boat and they did not tear once! They cost about 4x what the blue gloves cost, but they last all day so in the end, to me, it is a wash! They come in ½ sizes so if you know the size of your hand you can get that size. I have thrown out my last pair of “rubber” cleaning gloves.

-- Lee A Licata 12/15/16