Perma Proto Board


Simple way to make prototype circuits permanent

I use solderless breadboards to prototype electronic circuits. Once I get a circuit that works and I want to solder the components together to make it permanent, I’ve found that the most foolproof way to do it is with one of these Perma-Proto Breadboard printed circuit boards. They have the same traces and letter-number system as a regular breadboard. I just a remove a component from the solderless board and put it in the same spot on the Perma Proto Board, solder, and repeat until there are no components or jumper wires left on the solderless board.

The half-sized boards are cheaper than the full-sized boards, and have enough through holes for the kinds of circuits I build. A prototype printed circuit board like this is much cheaper, but I am willing to pay to avoid time-consuming debugging.

-- Mark Frauenfelder 12/16/16