Liquid Chalk Markers


Draw on any non-porous surface such as glass, mirror, plastic, and windows

I only recently discovered liquid chalk markers, though they have been around for decades. These markers put down water-based paint pigments (like what we used to call “poster paints”). They go on thickly and can be applied to glass, metal, rock, slate, plastic with a fairly even coat. So you can write in bright colors, rather than just paint. Writing and drawing on glass is pretty fun and full of potential. I recently used liquid chalk to decorate my glass studio door. When dried the markings can be wiped off with water; more easily on smooth surfaces like glass. These markers are commonly used in cafes and stores for creating menus and signs on a black background, since they are easily erased or modified. They can be used on actual slate blackboards, but some boards are less easy to wipe clean than others. They work perfectly on white boards, putting down a layer of color thicker than dry erase markers. Of course they can also be used to draw on paper, cardboard, etc, in a permanent way.

I haven’t use chalk markers long enough to have tried all the dozens of brands to determine the best brand. All seem to be approximately the same price. You can get them in primary colors, neon colors, earth colors, just black, just white. The set I most recently used are Mengos, and they work fine enough. (It takes a few minutes to start the ink flowing when new.)

-- KK 10/25/17