Lock Laces


Elastic no-tie shoelaces

I am not a good shoe tie-er. For years I have wanted to get Velcro shoes, but my wife won’t let me because she says they’re for five-year-olds or for eighty-five year olds and I am not one of those. About a year ago a friend of mine told me about these elastic shoelaces.

Lock Laces are like bungee cords. You lace them up one but you don’t have to tie them. They have a little lock and you lock them in and they are as tight as your regular shoelaces. I haven’t tied my shoelaces in about a year and my wife doesn’t yell at me or walk ten feet ahead of me because they kind of look like normal shoelaces.

This review is from our podcast interview with AJ. Listen to the episode here.

-- AJ Jacobs 08/27/21

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