Lodge Bacon Press


Best way to cook perfect bacon

I bought my bacon press as a college student over a decade ago, and since then I’ve given many as gifts and recommended them to so many people that Lodge should pay me to be a bacon press representative. I’ve gotten so used to the perfectly even crispness it provides that I am at a loss cooking bacon without it. As its name implies, it presses the bacon flat, meaning that you don’t get those ripples and curls of undercooked meat. If you put it in the pan as the pan heats up, it will also cook your bacon faster, thanks to the great heat retention of cast iron. For a simple tool that’s just a piece of flat cast iron with a handle, the bacon press is a workhorse in my kitchen with uses that go far beyond bacon. I’ve used it to make smashed burgers. It works great as a sandwich press for paninis or Cubanos. Anything you want to have full contact with the skillet can be pressed with the bacon press. There are lots of styles out there, but I prefer this version from Lodge, which is small enough to work in just about any skillet but heavy enough to do the job. And since it’s solid metal, I should be pressing bacon with it for decades. Or at least until my cholesterol gets too high.

-- Abbie Stillie 07/19/21

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