Maintenance: of Everything/Best nail clipper/How to Title Your Art

Recomendo - issue #384

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Better maintenance

I’m enjoying Stewart Brand’s newest book which is about Maintenance: of Everything. However, the book is not done yet. Stewart is posting drafts of chapters as he writes them in a way that solicits feedback from readers. So not only can you read the book early, you can influence the book, as many readers have already. Everything, from your car to your local town, needs to be maintained, but is often neglected, so this book has something useful and pertinent for everyone in making maintenance more exciting. — KK

Best compact nail clipper

Despite their small size, Victorinox’s compact, fold-up nail clipper delivers a powerful cut, with extremely sharp blades that require minimal force. If you have only ever used cheap drug store nail clippers, this will surprise you. — MF

Advice on writing titles 

This advice on How to Title Your Art is written for gallery artists, but I think it’s useful for anyone who writes titles or headlines. The most interesting takeaways for me are: 

  • Think of titles like keywords. What kinds of words do you use when talking the work? These types of words are excellent starting points for titles.
  • Titles should save time. A title gives them a starting point, a reason to slow down and take a closer look.
  • Good titles help people to recognize what may not be immediately obvious. Titles help viewers see what you want them to see.
  • Unusual words or word combinations tend to attract more interest and attention than ordinary ones.

— CD 

Daily inspiration in your inbox

Genius Wisdom is a daily newsletter I don’t mind invading my inbox. Each issue highlights a “legendary thinker” with practical tips and tasks for applying their genius vision to your own life. It’s a good daily motivator. — CD

Best geology overview

Often science documentaries these days are fluffy with wiz-bang graphics, slick re-enactments, endless repetitions, and fancy hosts, but Doug’s Geology Journal, a series on Amazon Prime, has none of those. Doug is a regular-guy geologist who draws his own graphics with pencil, and carries his own camera as he trudges across the landscape, giving the big picture of what has happened to shape the land, and how that shapes the culture on it. He gives you the right level of details, at the exact place on the land, which makes the big picture visible. He’s my favorite geology teacher. — KK

Public speaking for non-professionals

Seth Godin’s advice for the “Amateur Presenter” is excellent advice if you ever find yourself called to give a public talk. Seth says focus on passion and purpose rather than professional polish. It’s natural to be nervous, particularly if you’re not a seasoned presenter — don’t apologize for it. Having something interesting to say is more important than perfect delivery. Instead of trying to engage everyone in the room, find one person who seems receptive to your message and speak as though you’re having a conversation with them. — MF


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