Theodore Gray, co-founder of Wolfram Research

Show and Tell #392: Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray is a co-founder of Wolfram Research and creator of the Notebook user interface (since lovingly copied by Jupyter Notebooks). He is the author of several books and iPad apps including the NYTs best-seller The Elements, and writer/director of Disney Animated (BAFTA award winner and Apple’s iPad App of the Year 2013). His latest book is TOOLS, which is all about his favorite tools.

0:00 – Intro
1:58 – Drill bit set
5:56 – DeWalt cordless band saw
9:46 – Ma-Ant screwdriver holder
14:08 – Johansson Mikrokator compensator
23:45 – Handy Herman lift
28:00 – used electric forklift
29:24 – old milling machine
35:55 – Milwaukee impact wrench
41:58 – Tools: A visual Exploration of Implements and Devices in the Workshop

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