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Marson HP-2 Hand Riveter


Best pop riveter

Pop rivets are an inexpensive, quick way to join sheets of material very securely (especially thin sheets like metal). Their downside is that rivets are difficult to undo. The upside is they are crisp, fast, and forever. The best tool for inserting pop rivets is still hand-operated. I’ve used several different cheap brands of rivet gun, with increasing problematic issues, so I finally did the research into finding the best rivet gun. That would be the Marson HP-2.

Unlike some of its clones and imitators, the Marson never failed to release a popped rivet. It’s smooth and ergonomic, easy to squeeze in smaller hands. The action is reliable. I could pop a rivet with one stroke, while the other guns required two. Works fantastic on the fattest and longest rivets, which others fail first at. Using it is a real joy. It’s super rugged; I know it will last a lifetime, as others have testified. And to top it off, it is not that much more expensive than the imitators and clones. This is the rivet gun to get.

-- KK 08/10/21