Merkur Progress Double Edge Safety Razor


Great for occasional shavers

Much has been written about why a double-edge safety razor gives a better shave than either a modern multi-blade razor or an electric. The benefits of the Merkur Classic were described well by another reader on Cool Tools. And if you shave frequently that’s a great razor. But the Merkur Progress fills a different niche in my mind. I don’t like shaving. So I procrastinate and usually end up shaving once a week. By that time the whiskers on my face are long enough that I can’t shave them with an electric razor without a lot of hassle. And most wet-shave razors have a small gap for the whiskers, which makes shaving week old whiskers difficult. The Merkur Progress, however, has a big chamber right under the blade to hold long whiskers while shaving. I can wait a week and then shave with the Merkur Progress with no hassle at all. It’s not cheap. But I’ve been using mine for over ten years and it works and looks like new. If you are an occasional shaver like me this might make your life a little bit easier.

-- Gary Klaus 02/27/20