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Micro Flame Butane Torch Kit

Mini torch with soldering tip attachment

The Bernz-O-Matic Micro Flame Torch kit sells for $34, which isn’t cheap for a butane torch, but let me tell you why this one is special.

This torch comes with a nice knurled grip, a safety switch, a latch to keep it lit continuously, and a flame adjustment on the side. You also get an adjustment up top that adjusts the air mix for a less forceful flame.

But what really comes in handy is the attachment that comes included. By attaching this to the tip you can turn it into a heat gun, useful for heat shrink — which is mostly what I use this torch for. But there’s also a soldering iron tip that screws in that lets you use this as a cordless soldering iron.

It’s a neat option for off the grid soldering and the butane refills are cheap and easy to get at any hardware store. This doesn’t come pre-filled, though, so you will need to grab some butane and fill it up in order to use it.

-- Donald Bell 10/17/17

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