Easy email migration tool

After graduating college, my school email was going to expire and I wanted to keep all my emails. I spent hours and hours of research on how to automatically forward (or migrate, in industry terms) all my emails to an active email account. There were manual methods that took too long, required too much technical experience, or were simply impossible (in the case of some email systems). Many companies offer email migration services, but most require you to buy their software and install them, or have a minimum mailbox requirement. Why do I need to install software on my computer when my old and new email are accessed from the Internet? Then I came across MigrationWiz in some Microsoft forums.

MigrationWiz operates via the “cloud.” They connect directly to your old email (source) and your new (destination) email in order to transfer all your data. MigrationWiz charges on a low per-mailbox fee (between $10 and $12 depending on how much data you have). If you have one mailbox to migrate, you pay for one. If you have 5,000 mailboxes (they migrate entire companies), you pay for 5,000 (but I think they offer volume discounts). So now I’ve migrated my old school emails and old work emails (after changing jobs) to something I have access to more permanently. I’ve also helped friends use it. I wish I had known about MigrationWiz earlier and not wasted all the time on research.

-- Tim Smith 05/31/12