Red Pig 2-Tine Hand Weeding Fork


Hand forged weeding tool

The 2-Tine Hand Weeding Fork (also called the Jekyll Weeder after prominent gardener Gertrude Jekyll) is the best tool for hand weeding whether you are getting out dandelions, clover, grass or what have you out of your flower bed (I also use it to remove dandelions from the lawn). It is strong, won’t break the root before your ready, and is aesthetically pleasing (one of my friends considers it art in her home).

I’ve been using one for 4-5 years, and have bought many as gifts. I enjoy the fact that not only is it durable and well-made, but that it’s also handmade in Boring, Oregon. In fact, Red Pigs website points out that they are the only producer of hand forged garden tools in the country. Very cool!

-- Sharon I. 06/1/12