Living on the Road

Mini Pocket Light


Smallest powerful flashlight

I carry a Photon light on my keychain. It’s always there, weighs little, and gives serviceable emergency light. But its light power is very minimal. To offset this, in my jean’s coin pocket I carry one of these tiny flashlights. Its LED runs on one lithium CR2 battery and it blasts out enough candlepower to actually light up the inside of a machine, illuminate a far dark corner, or to read a book at night. The makers claim a significant 216 lumens, which is more than a single AA battery light. It slips into the smallest pocket. It goes with me when I travel. Downside is the uncommon small 3-volt CR2 battery, which I have not seen in rechargeable form. But mine last long enough for normal occasional use.

-- KK 02/26/16

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