Best phone spam eliminator

Thanks to commenters in the discussion forum on this blog I discovered Nomorobo — a superb phone spam eliminator. A rising flood of robo calls on my landline forced me to give up AT&T and go to Vonage, a phone over the internet for my office phone (a number that is shared). But the spam calls continued despite blocking and blacklisting. The solution: Nomorobo, which means no more robo calls. It’s free. Through a clever hack, it re-routes your incoming calls to its servers. When a robot calls you, Nomorobo intercepts it and hangs up on it. You hear only one ring. If your phone rings more than once, you can pick it up. Nomorobo claims it allows legitimate robo calls, such as one from your pharmacy, to get through, but I don’t get those calls at my office number so I cannot verify this. All I know is that for the past 6 months we stopped getting phone spam.

Nomorobo is free for consumers (businesses pay), but only works on VoIP lines.

-- KK 02/25/16