Moisture Wicking T Shirt


70% combed cotton/30% microfiber for rapid moisture transport

If there is one shirt that I would be fine wearing for the rest of my life this just might be it. I noticed these a few years back at my favorite clothing retailer, an establishment aimed at the blue collar, construction, outdoors type shopper. I usually go there because they always have my size in jeans and I just need to drop in, get clothes and leave. I do this once a year or so. I noticed these Zorrel shirts a few years back and decided to give them a try. I have worn moisture wicking shirts in the past, as a person cursed with stress sweat, I experimented with them when they hit the market. I wasn’t ever happy with them until I tried the Zorrel brand shirts. The collar is nice and snug and doesn’t sag like the usual Carhart t-shirts I get. The cut is just right and the material feels great and is thick enough for everyday wear. The moisture wicking properties work well and help me stay dry through my day. I have always purchased the black and navy shirts but they come in a bunch of colors, and the price is right. These shirts a durable as well, took 5 years for one to show collar fray.

-- Seth Wilson 03/1/17