Motion Sensor Light Bulbs


Light bulb with built-in motion sensor

Six months ago, I tweeted about my new motion sensing LED lightbulbs and Mark said I should check back now. They’re still great – probably one of my best purchases of 2016 (along with Stabilicers) We have them outside our front door, so when we come home at night they automatically go on and let us see which key is the right one. Recently there have been some robberies in the neighborhood, so it’s another comfort as well. But really, this is such a helpful tool. I remember wondering if it existed, googling “motion sensitive lightbulbs” and then finding that the world is a magical place sometimes. Anyway, these specific bulbs are pretty good. I guess my one minor complaint is that they aren’t super beautiful or anything, but utility over prettiness, amiright?

-- Max 03/16/18