Zach Supalla, CEO of Particle


Cool Tools Show 115: Zach Supalla

Our guest this week is Zach Supalla. Zach is the CEO and one of the founders of Particle, the most widely-used IoT platform. Particle is used by more than 140,000 developers and 8,500 companies to build IoT products ranging from the smart home to industrial equipment.

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Show notes:

“Superhuman is brand new email software — still in private beta — that is all designed around keyboard shortcuts. Extremely low-friction email software, and besides being super well-designed, the team there has been incredibly hands-on during the private beta and super open to feedback. Great company, thinking about product in all the right ways.”

Glowforge laser cutter
“Glowforge laser cutter is a desktop, consumer-friendly laser cutter … It’s got a web application that you use to interact with it. It comes with tons of templates for designs that are already sort of built in, and they send you a set of materials that are designed to work with it that it can automatically recognize and adjust the laser strength accordingly. So it comes with cuts of leather, it comes with cuts of acrylic, it comes with wood and wood veneer, and all that stuff just works right out of the box. So I got it up and running in probably 20 minutes and learned how to use it in 15, and had cut out my first thing in about half an hour after setting it up, which was super cool.”

Bullet journal
“Bullet Journal is a system for using a notebook to keep track of things. I have tried every piece of task management software ever created (Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, etc. etc.) and a good notebook with this system trumps them all.”

AeroPress Coffee Maker + Porlex Coffee Grinder
“I love great coffee, and I have a whole complicated setup at home. But when I’m traveling, I carry an Aeropress coffeemaker with a Porlex coffee grinder, which somehow perfectly fits inside the Aeropress, a la ‘things fitting perfectly into other things.’ With the two you can make delicious coffee anywhere, even on a plane.”


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