MSR Universal Canister Stand


Backpack stove canister stand

One of the major problems with most liquid propane gas stoves is that they are inherently top-heavy. Coupled with the inevitable lack of flat terrain while camping, it’s only a matter of time before they are accidently knocked or tipped over. At the very least you’re looking at a colossal mess and potentially losing a meal; at the very worst you could be severely scalded or start a fire. These problems can be preempted by choosing the most level cooking surface as possible and using a canister stand in conjunction with your stove.

The best model I have found is the “Universal canister stand” from MSR. Design and operation is dead-simple: unfold the legs into the tripod position, place the rim of your LPG canister under the appropriate set of fixed hooks (outer hooks for 230-450g canisters, inner hooks for 100-130g canisters), and slide the third spring-loaded hook into place. The stand will drastically reduced your stove’s potential to tip over and safely allows cooking with large/tall pots, even on sloped or uneven surfaces.

Other LPG stove manufacturers do offer their own branded canister stands but they are made of plastic, which is nowhere near as durable or reliable as metal. They also have shorter legs than the MSR model, which compromises the stability afforded. At around $12 street price and backed by a lifetime warranty, this accessory should be a no-brainer for anyone who owns a LPG stove.



-- Nabhan Islam 01/19/15

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