Cool Tools Show Episode #19

Peter Rojas, Tech Entrepreneur and Cohost of MVP

Peter Rojas is the founder Engadget, gdgt and Gizmodo. He currently co-hosts MVP, a podcast about new tech products, alongside Ryan Block, a former guest on our show. Peter focused his picks for this episode on personal impact, his philosophy being that truly worthy tools not only change your life, but they also change the way you think about the world. With help from some of the following carefully chosen tools, you may find yourself acting and thinking a little differently.

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Boomerang for Gmail – Free (Paid Plans Available)

“I think you have to let go of this idea that things need an instantaneous reply. There are certainly things where you may want to do that. There are plenty of messages where I do want to get back to the person right away, but once you let go of that…it’s very liberating.”

Zeo Sleep Manager – $330

“The Zeo is tracking your brainwave activity, at least to the extent that they can on a very rudimentary device. I found that being able to know and understand my sleep patterns helped me change how I was sleeping.”

ART USB Phono Plus – $79

Good for converting LPs to digital music files. “It works really well and it lets you use the turntable that you already own which is probably going to be higher quality than the USB turntable that you might buy… You’re better off buying that and buying a regular turntable.”


Vitamix 750 – $649

“I could go on and on about it, but it’s an amazing product. It works so well and I use it as much as two or three times a day now. It makes it so easy to eat really healthily and I found myself blending vegetables in a way that keeps all the fiber which is much better for you. I’ve just felt more energy and I felt that the quality of the food I’ve been eating has gone up from this.”