General Purpose Tools

Multi-Battery Tester


Tests 30 different battery types

I bought this tester after I replaced a button battery in a storage array and it died after 3 months (MTBF should have been 2 years). To replace the battery took a weekend (down time, uncabling, removal of the processor, recabling, testing). After the brand new, out of the package battery died I decided that a reliable testing device was needed. I searched the net and found this one. While pricey it proved it’s worth by showing that 2 out of 4 of the next replacement batteries were less than optimal. If you are checking batteries that are easily accessible and not critical – this may not be the tester for you. If you absolutely need your batteries to be 100% – then get this tool. You will be surprised by how many “out of the packaging” batteries will not pass. You will be ecstatic with how much longer your batteries will last (because they won’t be 90% dead before you put them in).

-- Mark Bonanno 02/9/17