Orange Reflective Mesh Vest


Stay safe in when walking at night

Reflective Mesh Vest User’s Experience: I like to get my 10,000 steps a day, and I like to get them outside as much as possible. Because of my sedentary office job, this time of year I’m doing a lot of my walking after dark. I want to be as visible as possible to any cars that might be around. I’ve tried carrying a flashlight, but that only shines in one direction, and it is not terribly convenient when I’m wrangling a couple of dogs on leashes at the same time. I’ve tried a reflective belt, but it broke after a few weeks of use, and it didn’t provide a large amount of reflective surface area. Now I’m using a cheap reflective vest from Harbor Freight. It isn’t going to break, because it isn’t under any load, unlike the belt. It is very light weight, and it has a lot of reflective material on both the front and the back. It is rather large, so fits over whatever coat I might be wearing. All in all, I now feel a lot more confident walking in the dark winter evenings.