Tool Chest

Nail Punch for Trim


Long nose allows easy access to 1/2" J channel

I picked up this tool on clearance, thinking it could be useful at some point. It is made for (among other things) nailing into vinyl siding J-channel trim. It would be useful for hammering a nail into any sort of confined space. I’ve used it on staples for electrical wiring – the type that have a small nail on either side — to attach Romex style electrical wiring to a wooden stud, for example.

To use it, you insert a nail in the punch, and hit the hardened steel extension on the other side of the punch.

I was stapling a lot of electrical wires to some plywood inside a wall underneath the electrical panel in my house, so as you might imagine, it was difficult to get a hammer inside a hole cut into the wall where the wires are, and then try to hammer a nail whose head is about 1/8″ wide. The Wiss nail punch tool made this job incredibly simple.

The applications for it seem fairly specific, but boy, will you be glad you have the tool when you run into one of those situations.


-- Loren Lasecki 06/29/16