Natrapel Insect Repellent Wipes


Picaridin formula repels mosquitos, biting insects, and ticks.

I was looking for insect repellent that wouldn’t count against the airline allowance for liquids in carry on luggage. There are several repellent wipes containing “natural” ingredients, DEET, or Picaridin. Controlled tests demonstrate that only DEET and Picaridin at certain minimum concentrations are effective, and have been in use long enough to have proven their safety (except for infants). Picaridin has the advantage over DEET of not melting synthetic fabrics. Of the Picaridin wipes I found online only Natrapel’s wipes (12 wipes for $6) came in the recommended minimum concentration of 20% — other brands had much lower levels. I bought a 12-pack of individually wrapped wipes from The pouches are easy to tear open, the wipes are easy to unfold, and I find one wipe sufficient for my feet, legs, arms, neck and face while dressed in sandals (no socks), shorts and short-sleeved shirt, and the effect lasts for 2+ hours.

-- Michael Khaw 09/19/19

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