Nexx WiFi Garage Door Opener


Open your garage door from the other side of the planet

I recently purchased and installed this WiFi garage door controller ($100). It was easy to install and it works great! In addition to WiFi control it comes with a magnetic door sensor which informs the controller whether the door is opened or closed. (I spliced in my own pre-existing hidden/recessed door sensor rather than using the one shipped with the product, as it was already installed and invisible.)

The product has good ratings on Amazon. It works with almost any opener and works in addition to, and in parallel with all other opener controls. The software also logs all door activations, and what opener activated it.

There was a previously reviewed WiFi opener here but it was twice as expensive and appears to be no longer available. It also has far fewer reviews and a lower rating. Some features they need to add:

1. They need to add web page / browser access in addition to smartphone and Alexa. Most other WiFi appliance vendors (e.g Orbit sprinkler controller, Samsung webcam) have this.

2. An auto-close feature with programmable delay and active time of day schedule needs to be added.

-- Bruce Bowen 06/28/18

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