Night Vision Stealth Cam


Night vision, motion-sensing camera with a 50-foot range

This year we had a problem with somebody stealing our mail and packages out of the mailbox located on the fence 25 feet away from or house.

The Stealth Cam STC-P12 was a low-cost problem solver for me.

Weatherproof (but not waterproof – keep in mind when selecting where to install this) and battery-powered this camo-covered “Game Cam” works great. 6 megapixel is enough and I get the 2000+ images day or night ( infrared ) to the 8mb SD card readable on my laptop.

Never caught the thief, but I do have a lot of night time raccoon, possum and skunk shots to share, and a record of everyone who comes through our gate.

-- Kent K Barnes 04/14/16