Rösle Stainless Steel Coarse Grater


Coarse grater for grating potatoes, firm vegetables, fruits, and soft cheeses

Most the of the grating I do this at size seems the best: Corn for cream corn, potatoes and hard and soft cheese, salami for pizza. (try it)

The Rösle 18/10 coarse grater has laser-welded frame. Very sturdy and sharp, Rösle will straddle a bowl with its 15″ length or over the cutting board on its own 2 feet. Rösle will store flat in a drawer or hang on the kitchen wall.

BTW, 18/10 means 18% chromium and 10% nickel content stainless steel. “Hygienic, neutral to taste and smell, and is of almost limitless durability.” (I looked it up.)

-- Kent K Barnes 04/15/16

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