Noah Thorp, Founder of CoMakery


Cool Tools Show 082: Noah Thorp

Our guest this week is Noah Thorp. Noah is founder of a tech innovation network called CoMakery. Previously, he co-founded a holacratic blockchain prototyping studio. He was the VP of Engineering at Nasdaq Private Market, and he ran a record label where he wrote algorithmic music and pressed obscure records on thick Czechoslovakian vinyl.

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Show notes:

FORLIFE Stump Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser ($23)
Zojirushi Micom Water Boiler & Warmer ($125)
“Most people when they hear “a teapot” they might like it’s fairly large, but this is actually, it’s really for a small amount of tea. … What I really like about it is it has this basket inside of it, and so you put the exact packet size, pre-measured tea into the basket … if it’s at just the right brewing level, you could just pour it out directly into glasses. I have a Zojirushi water boiler, so the water is always at the right temperature for sort of the tea of the week. So if it’s pu’er, it’s probably at 208. If it’s something that’s like a black tea or a more roasted green tea it’ll be at like 195. And it’ll be lower if we’re drinking green tea.”

Poloniex Crypto Currency Exchange
“Most people are unaware that there are 600 different cryptocurrencies at this point or maybe more. And so there’s a really active trading culture, and there’s some very active marketplaces. Poloniex is my favorite exchange. With Poloniex you can’t actually trade … You can’t actually transfer U.S. dollars into it. You have to first purchase bitcoin, and so one of the easier ways to do that is to go to Coinbase and then transfer U.S. dollars there to that exchange, and then you transfer your bitcoin over to Poloniex. Then once you have your bitcoin at Poloniex, then you can basically say, “I want to buy X MadeSafeCoins for this amount, or storjcoins for that amount.” And what’s really nice about this particular platform is that they have all the candlestick charts and some of the chart analysis tools that you would expect for more serious trading, or I should say for serious trading. And you also can see the kind of strength of the buy and the sell orders, so you can basically do some pretty good analysis of what the health of those tokens is. It’s also knowing a lot about news.”

Hexen 2.0 Tarot ($26)
“I listed this not because I do a lot of tarot card readings, but this particular tarot card deck is the HEXEN 2.0 tarot card deck, which all of the cards have interesting figures from cybernetics, alchemy, the counterculture, and various government conspiracy theories. And I discovered this deck as I was exploring some of the aggressive meme propaganda warfare that was occurring in the fall, and I found this podcast, which is called Expanding Mind, where they were talking about the long arc of memes going back to meme magic propaganda in World War II and things like that. … It has a picture of like the sun and the moon, and then underneath it, it says, ‘Implications for engineering, systems control, computer science, biology and ecology, political science, psychology, philosophy, and the organization of society.’”