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img 12/1/23

Marc Payne, IT specialist

Show and Tell #393: Marc Payne


Tom Robertson, IT professional

Show and Tell #391: Tom Robertson

img 11/3/23

Miles Hunter, UX researcher

Show and Tell #390: Miles Hunter

img 10/20/23

David Buxton, Tech Founder

Show and Tell #388: David Buxton


Asa Hillis, Furniture Maker

Show and Tell #387: Asa Hillis

img 09/29/23

Arun Venkatesan, Product Designer

Show and Tell #385: Arun Venkatesan

img 09/22/23

Joseph Wright, fullstack software engineer

Show and Tell #384: Joseph Wright

img 09/15/23

Ethan Stone, Business Lawyer

Show and Tell #383: Ethan Stone

img 09/8/23

Jason Swihart, mobilhomme.com

Show and Tell #382: Jason Swihart

img 09/1/23

Jonathan Whitaker, DataScienceCast.net

Show and Tell #381: Jonathan Whitaker

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