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img 03/15/24

Adam Hill, Software Business Analyst

Show and Tell #404: Adam Hill

img 03/8/24

Mia Coots, Student

Show and Tell #403: Mia Coots

img 03/1/24

Josué Moreno, Composer and Sound Artist

Show and Tell #402: Josué Moreno

img 02/16/24

Kern Kelley, Technology Integrator

Show and Tell #401: Kern Kelley

img 02/9/24

Rich Edwards, CEO of Mindspan Systems

Show and Tell #400: Rich Edwards

img 02/2/24

Brent Deverman, Consultant

Show and Tell #399: Brent Deverman

img 01/12/24

Davey Rogulich, Stagehand and Maker

Show and Tell #396: Davey Rogulich

img 12/15/23

Mike Harris, Legal Assistant

Show and Tell #395: Mike Harris

img 12/8/23

Casper Kelly, Writer/Director

Show and Tell #394: Casper Kelly

img 12/1/23

Marc Payne, IT specialist

Show and Tell #393: Marc Payne

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