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315-JamesHome 05/27/22

James Home, Designer and Technologist

Show and Tell #315: James Home

jamescham 05/20/22

James Cham, VC at Bloomberg Beta

Show and Tell #314: James Cham

jeff 05/6/22

Jeff Waldman, Designer and Builder

Show and Tell #312: Jeff Waldman


Jane McGonigal, Game Designer and Futurist

Show and Tell #311: Jane McGonigal

img 12/10/21

Meredith Arthur, Founder of Beautiful Voyager

Cool Tools Show 308: Meredith Arthur

img 12/3/21

Wendy Frauenfelder, Cocktail creator

Cool Tools Show 307: Wendy Frauenfelder

img 11/19/21

Carol Tilley, Comics historian

Cool Tools Show 305: Carol Tilley

img 11/12/21

Barbara Dace, Autoharpist and Pharmacist

Cool Tools Show 304: Barbara Dace

img 11/5/21

Sean Bonner, Street Photographer

Cool Tools Show 303: Sean Bonner

img 10/29/21

Ruben Bolling, Cartoonist

Cool Tools Show 302: Ruben Bolling