Nomad Reality/Laptop Sun Shade/24-Hour Bus Rides

Issue #12

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Digital Nomad Reality
We like to see a dose of reality now and then to offset the hype over location-independent work and travel. This Micropreneur article on The Digital Nomad Scam is a good splash of cold water, stating, “Being a digital nomad is not a job. You don’t ‘become a digital nomad’ to escape your work, or to gain financial independence. Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle. And in order to maintain this lifestyle, you need a source of income.”

A Sun Shade for Your Laptop

We all make fun of those “laptop on the beach” photos loved by course creators and Instagram fakers because laptops and bright sunshine don’t really go together well. If you do want to work in direct sunlight then a portable laptop sun shade packs up like a reflection disc that photographers use. If you’re in the UK, this one from Nextstand is 60 pounds sterling. There are a few very similar options available on USA’s Amazon site from US$50 to $80. – via Mark F.

Who’s Up for a 24-hour Bus Ride?
Speaking of travel not always being glamorous, in the long and skinny countries of Chile and Argentina, some routes take an around 24 hours, but at half the price of a flight. Santiago to Calama, near the Atacama Desert, can be as low as $44 for 22.5 hours. Buenos Aires to Salta is $60 for 22 hours, and Buenos Aires to Bariloche starts at around $70 for 23 hours. You usually get 160-degree reclining seats, with only 3 rows across. Splurge a little more and you might get dinner with wine included, then pastries and coffee in the morning. Start the search at Omio or Rome2Rio.

Expat “Invasion” in Mexico City
We mentioned in an earlier edition that there’s been a bit of an expat backlash in Lisbon as free-spending foreigners gladly pay inflated rents higher than most locals can afford. A news item this week pointed to “a foreign invasion” in the nicest central neighborhoods of Mexico City: Roma, Condesa, and Juarez. 

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