NoPhoneSpam App for Android


Block calls from annoying or private numbers on your Android device

I’ve used NoPhoneSpam for a couple of years. The Android app enables you to set up certain rules to automatically hang up/ignore/silence/obscure calls such as those from robo-callers and spam/scams/spoofed numbers. It does this based on filters you create.

I no longer get robocalls, or at least, they never make it through to bother me. Now I know that when my phone rings it’s almost always a legit caller.

Some cell carriers in the US have some level of spam prevention but robo callers are so numerous and prevalent that they still can circumvent these carrier-side filters. This means we have to do it ourselves and which of your readers in not a DIY’er? I have, for example, a rule set up in this simple app to disallow calls from anyone with the same prefix. That’s a common number spoofing tactic to get you to pick up. Scammers call you from a spoofed number that similar to yours: same area code and prefix.

The app is available from the alternative app repository (another cool tool in and of itself! But I’ll save that for a future submission).

-- Will Barrueto 09/13/19