Little Giant Ladders with Work Platform


Highly configurable ladder

The Little Giant Ladder has been mentioned on the blog in 2013, but with a very brief blurb that really fails to explain why this ladder is so wonderful, and doesn’t mention the work platform. I have had a Little Giant for 20 years. The models have changed, but it looks to me like the Velocity ($190) may be similar to what I have.

What’s really great about this ladder is that you can adjust the length of the two sides independently. This means that the ladder can be a 4-foot step ladder, a 5-foot step ladder, a 6-foot step ladder. You can make it just the right height. You can also slide one side out more than the other to place the ladder on a sloped surface, or to use it on stairs. I recently needed to get to the ceiling area above my stairs and don’t know how I could have done it without this ladder.

Then of course you can open the ladder out flat and use it to get on the roof or to reach other high places. But that’s not all. The typical ladders I recall have a little fold out paint can shelf with a warning not to step on it.

The Little Giant work platform ($33) can be placed on a Little Giant ladder at any height and is strong enough to support a person. It’s a fantastic addition that I use all the time because it enables me to stand comfortably and easily and turn in different directions as I work, sort of like having a tiny scaffold to stand on.

It’s also often handy that you can ascend the Little Giant from either side of the ladder. And you can set it up as two short ladders and lay some boards across to create mini scaffolding. (They also sell an accessory for this, which I have not tried.) This ladder has really been the only ladder I needed since I bought my house 20 years ago. It is still in great shape and was well worth the price.

-- Adrian Mariano 09/12/19