Novus Plastic Polish


Plastic polishing compound

I’ve found that Novus plastic polish works very well for the sorts of things that readers wondered if the previously reviewed 3M Headlight Polishing Kit worked on. I use it when cleaning and removing scratches from pinball machine parts and have had a lot of success polishing things ranging from cell phone displays to sunglasses.

There are three different compounds: #3 for dealing with big scratches, #2 for normal/light scratches, and #1 for a basic clean. #2 does the job for just about everything I’ve used it on. Available in 2-oz, 8-oz and half-gallon bottles. I’ve had 8-oz bottles of #1 and #2 that have lasted me several years of occasional use. I’d expect the half-gallon to last practically forever. Wonderful stuff.

-- Alex Mauer 07/19/10