Light My Fire Firesteel

Flint and steel fire starter

Made in Sweden, the Light My Fire firesteels are a remake of a classic. Use them to light dry tinder if you are in Daniel Boone mode. For the rest of us, they cast off a perfect spark to light any sort of gas camp stove, from the 2 burner Coleman car camp special to the micro backpack models. They also work for the previously CT reviewed DIY alcohol stoves.

Firesteels come in 2 sizes, small for survival-backpacking and a slightly larger size for those other times. Some of the most distinctive advantages are that it works when wet, it has no moving parts, no fuel to run out of, and lasts nearly 3,000 strikes.
Swedish Firesteel - Army Model.jpeg
I’ve used them for everything from car camping in the VW camper van to mountaineering stoves on Rainier climbs and they always are flawless. The smaller one always has a place in my first aid / survival kit; the larger one comes on car camping trips.

-- John Godino 07/16/10

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