Our Birthday Giveaway/Passenger Rights/Best Hikes

Nomadico issue #52

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Our One-Year Anniversary Giveaway

Hey, this is the 52nd issue of Nomadico, so it’s our birthday! Thanks for coming along for the ride. We’d like to get to know a little more about you so we can continue to deliver the goods, so we’re giving away some goodies from our stash, virtual and physical. Everyone will get a copy of Recomendo: The Expanded Edition e-book, while some random winners will get a physical paperback of The World’s Cheapest Destinations (5th edition), Four Favorite Tools, or Reco-mind-oTell us about yourself here!

Adventure Travel Trends

The ATTA released its Adventure Travel Trends 2023 report and went into what’s changing, what’s challenging the industry, and what trends are emerging. There are a lot of great insights but we love this part: “…Visitors on a budget may stay in a destination longer, engage with the local community, and practice more sustainable tourism – even if they spend less money, they might be considered a “high values” traveler.

Passenger Rights Dashboard

The USA has long lagged Europe when it comes to compensating passengers for delays caused by airline ineptitude. The current administration is trying to reverse years of lax oversight and we have our fingers crossed. Meanwhile, you can check into this DOT Passenger Dashboard to see what your rights are when a flight cancellation or delay has nothing to do with the weather.

Go Get Some Fresh Air

If you’re based in the USA at least part of the time, this guide to the best hikes in every U.S. state from Outside should give you some ideas for getting out into nature. Use it for something to try in your own state or something to build a trip around on your next road trip.


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