General Purpose Tools

Outback Ripper Flashlight


A flashlight for your mouth

I’ve owned the Outback Ripper Flashlight ($10) for a couple of years and it is an amazingly good flashlight, especially for its size.

First of all, it does not have all the annoying “modes” that many of the LED flashlights seem to have adopted. Just two choices, on or off. Nothing confusing about that.

Second, it has a clip that at first glance you think is on upside down. However, it’s perfectly placed if you want to use it on your hat as a headlamp. And, of course, it still works just fine to keep it in your pocket as well.

The next awesome feature is the rubber bite ring at the back. This makes it easy and comfortable to hold the flashlight in your mouth when working on close up projects. And the size of the light means your mouth doesn’t get tired nearly as fast.

I also have a hack for those who wear glasses. I take an elastic hair tie and wrap it around the body of the flashlight three or four times. I can then push my glasses temple (the part that goes over your ear) through the hair tie so the light stays on the side of my glasses. Makes a great head mount when you don’t have a hat to which to clip the light.

The Outback Ripper comes in several colors like black, blue, red, and gun metal. $10 on Amazon Sometimes you can find them at farm supply stores (Cal Ranch, etc.) for $5 each.

-- James Brown 04/26/19