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OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug


Favorite travel mug

I have used an OXO LiquiSeal mug ($22) for my tea for the last 11 years. My favorite thing about it is that the shape of the top allows the tea to pool briefly at your lips, so that you can smell it while drinking (after all, our senses of smell and taste are intimately linked). By contrast, the Contigo Autoseal mug has a tiny hole that is completely surrounded by your lips when drinking, allowing no scents to escape. While not dishwasher-safe or as easy to clean to clean as the Contigo, they’re still easy enough to clean, especially if you don’t take milk — just run some boiling water through the top and hand-wash the rest with soap.

One or two years ago I had to replace my original mug when the clicking seal, which had gotten slowly but progressively harder to close for a couple years, finally stopped working. Despite that, they’re tough — my first one survived many, many falls, dents and scrapes while remaining leak-free. Once the plastic top separated from the aluminum body on a very cold day (big splash of hot tea on the sidewalk) — to fix it, I put them back together and submerged the whole thing in boiling water.

-- Dan Winckler 12/5/18