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Cool Tools 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Claudia’s picks


Gift suggestions from Cool Tools' web manager

The editors of Cool Tools have curated a number of gift suggestions selected from the pages of Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities (which itself makes a great gift), and from the website. This week: Claudia’s picks!

I use the Aquis Microfiber hair towel ($22) every day … my hair is breaking less, and visibly smoother and less frizzy. Also, it’s much more comfortable to wear a lighter, less heavy towel on my head. — Claudia Dawson

I’ve tried a few different champagne stoppers, and this Fantes Champagne Stopper ($8) is the best designed. Others have broken or don’t seal as tight. Even on the fifth day, my champagne will still be bubbly. — Claudia Dawson

This small, watercolor kit by Sakura ($19) is perfect for the occasional wannabe artist like me. It comes with a brush that stores water, so you can always be ready to paint. — Claudia Dawson

“I don’t deep fry food every day, but when I’m in the mood for some sweet potatoes fried in coconut or avocado oil, I am glad I have this $25 Fry Daddy deep fryer. It’s small so it doesn’t need a lot of oil and it heats up quickly. I keep the oil in the fryer and put the lid on once it has cooled down and use the same oil the next time I use it.” — Mark Frauenfelder

I use my satin pillowcase ($10) on nights before “no-wash” hair days. The silky pillowcase prevents my hair from getting tangled up or matted so that I barely have to brush it or style it. Beauty blogs claim that these pillowcases also prevent face wrinkles while you’re sleeping, which would be an added bonus if true! — Claudia Dawson

“The pStyle ($9) is a plastic trough that allows girls to pee standing up without dropping their pants. … Initially you might think it is gross but I think it is fantastic and I’ll explain why: You don’t have to go on a trek to find cover as far away just to pee. In many places cover doesn’t exist; You don’t need toilet paper to pee. When done you just pull it forward and out if your pants and it acts like a squeegee; Imagine not having to hold it for long periods for lack of privacy …” — Margy Green

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