OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Strainer

Best sink strainer

In this video we’re taking a look at an $8 sink strainer from OXO. It has made our kitchen sink more civilized.

Sink strainers are a kinda gross subject, so I’ll do my best not to disgust you here. Here’s the traditional strainer I’ve used for years. It’s metal, and it has this protruding part that fits into the drain so you can either plug it up or dial in exactly how much water you want to pass around it.

I’m sure there are merits to this design, but my wife and I argue over this thing all the time. When it’s in, it’s barely effective. But half the time it’s not even in the sink because it was being cleaned, or was stopping up the drain.

So this, is better. For one, the large outer lip covers up the whole drain, so nothing’s slipping past it.

Second, the silicone strainer can be pulled inside out, allowing you to easily dump stuff into a compost bin or garbage can.

I do wish that the lip extended out just a little further, just so I couldn’t see any of my drain peeking out — but that’s just an aesthetic complaint, and maybe something unique to my sink.

Overall, it feels like a luxurious upgrade for a sink I use everyday, and the ick factor of cleaning it out is gone for me now. The novelty will probably wear off, but I actually get a kick from ejecting things from this strainer.

-- Donald Bell 10/10/18